3 super easy ways to reduce your plastic waste that don't cost a penny

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

1. Go Loose

Opt for loose fruit and veg, bread rolls, donuts etc at the supermarket and put straight in your reusable bag - but don't be tempted to put in one of those mini plastic bags the supermarket temptingly supply. Different supermarkets tend to have different types of loose items, so you may need to shop around to work out which is best for you. Keep a look out for all things loose, discount supermarket like Lidl sell loose nuts and cereals, and local fruit and veg shops, and farm shops are a great spot for loose products.

2. Buy in Bulk Single portion product contain up to 10 time the plastic as large packs, so buy in bulk instead, think cereal, yogurts, chocolate biscuits, toilet rolls, crisps etc. If you can't avoid the plastic, as least reduce the amount you consume. And the best bit about it, is that this will actually save you money!

3. Be Vigilant

Supermarkets often hide plastic free items along side their plastic covered counterparts, you just need to look for them and think smart. This is true in almost every isle. Choose glass jars and tins over plastic bottles, choose cardboard or paper packaging over plastic wrap, think jars of olives over plastic tubs! Whatever is on your shopping list, stop and look around to see if there are any plastic free alternatives right in front of you.

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