• Emily

36 Eco Friendly Things to Try in 2021

If you want to be more eco-friendly in 2021 but don’t know where to start then this list is for you!

Instead of setting lofty resolutions at the beginning of the year, look at these 12 specific areas in your zero waste journey so you can make effective and long term change in 2021.

Whilst going into the New Year with big dreams of going zero waste or being more eco friendly sounds great, how are you actually going to make them happen?

To help you out, we’ve come up with 12 different areas to focus on and some suggestions to get you started. Start a new one every month, and by the end of the month it will have become a habit!

  • Switch to deodorant in a cardboard tube

  • Buy coral safe suncream in a tin

  • Have a zero waste period with a mentral cup, reusable cloth pads or period pants

  • Use a biodegradable coconut scrub pad

  • Make your own cleaning products from natural ingredients

  • Swap washing up liquid in plastic bottle for a dish soap bar

  • Say NO to fast fashion

  • Buy second hand or high quality clothes that will last

  • Learn how to sew and fix your clothes

  • Grow your own herbs in your garden, patio or window sill

  • Meal plan to use leftovers and reduce food waste

  • Research bulk or refill stores in your area

  • Give experiences, second hand or homemade gifts

  • Re-purpose newspaper, magazines or fabric as wrapping paper

  • Swap plastic tape for recyclable paper tape

Whilst you don’t need a new year to make positive life changes, the start of a new year somehow makes it easier to let go of the past, let go to what has been and to look to the future with refreshed hope and enthusiasm.

Whatever you do, please remember it’s not about being perfect, not every one of these will work for everyone. Do what you can and make the list your own so that is suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

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