Say bye bye to single use plastic cleaning bottles and say hello to natural, cruelty free, zero waste cleaning!


I can’t believe how cleaver these little sachets are. They are completely plastic free, light and can be stored with minimal space in your home until you're ready to use them. Then you simply pop a sachet into your cleaning bottle, add water, shake, and viola = plastic free bathroom cleaning solution.


When thinking about cleaning the bathroom there are two important factors; cleanliness and hygiene. This product addresses both issues, leaving a sparkling finish on your bathroom suite and containing a powerful antibacterial agent to kill a wide range of germs.


  • Made from plant derived, natural ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Plastic free
  • Made in the UK


There is no single use eminent here, which cuts down on SO MUCH waste and plastic bottles. Simply re-use an old trigger spray bottle you have, or if you don’t have anything to hand get yourself a glass bottle to reuse again and again.


Pack of 3 Ylang Ylang Bathroom Antibacterial Surface Cleaner sachets, information card with instructions and stickers to stick on your reusable cleaning bottles.


Usage Directions

1. Rinse your existing empty bottle with water

2. Remove the sachet from its presentation box

3. Insert the sachet into your bottle

4. Top with upto 500ml lukewarm water

5. Replace and tighten the trigger / lid

6. Shake until dissolved and it’s ready to use!

Bathroom Antibacterial Surface Cleaner X 3