We produce upwards of 25 Billion tons of Carbon Dioxide per year. Most of it accumulates in the atmosphere and is causing irreversible damage to our environment.


Unless you are living completely off grid then you’ll inevitably creating a carbon footprint, with the average person in the UK having a carbon footprint of 10,000kg. Carbon offsetting works towards bringing down the overall emissions in the world.

Remember the first step when reducing your carbon footprint begins with reducing your carbon emissions and using renewable energy.


How much do you want to offset?


20kg - equivalent to one car journey of 150km

300kg - equivalent to one short haul flight

1600kg - equivalent to one long haul flight

2400kg - equivalent to a year’s commuting by car (15,000km)

3000kg - equivalent to the average households electricity usage for 1 year (4,648kWh)

3500kg - equivalent to the average households gas usage for 1 year (17,000kWh)

Carbon Offsetting