Aside from it being a thing of immense beauty this reusable coffee cup makes your drinks taste great, is the perfect barista size and will fit like a dream under your coffee machine.


Made from durable borosilicate glass it’s less permeable than plastic, meaning the cup will not absorb lingering tastes, odours or germs so your drink inside will taste just as it should.


Love tea but hate the way it tastes in a plastic or stainless steel mug?  This coffee cup is a tea lovers dream!

Thicker than many other glass cups on the market, which means it will keep drinks warmer for longer and is more comfortable to hold.

BPA free. Plastic free. Reusable. Recyclable.  

Microwave and dishwasher safe. However if washed in a very hot dishwasher cycle the silicone sleeve and lid may fade over time.

Approximately 13cm x 9cm 

12oz / 340ml

Glass Coffee Cup