The weather as be amazing over the last month or so but sun & wind can leave your hair feeling dried out. We love love love Surf Revival, a rescue remedy for your hair. Created to lock in your hairs natural moisture and keep you looking beach beautiful.


Being made of natural ingredients they don’t have a massive long shelf life like synthetic chemical based hair products like you find in the super market.


The best before dates on these beauts are coming up soon, but unlike Cinderella’s coach they won’t suddenly turn into a pumpkin at midnight of their best before. It simply means that after that date they will, over time, become not at their ‘best’.


We hate waste, and don’t want these perfectly good hair oils go in the bin so we’re giving you the opportunity to give them a good home.


Limited stock available.


  • Argan Oil - Softens & Promotes Shine & Repair
  • Pommegranate Seed Oil - Improves Circulation & Growth
  • Castor Oil - Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Enriches Scalp & Promotes Growth
  • Vitamin E - Antioxidant to Reduce Free Radicals


Each ingredient plays its own part in growth, shine, strength and scalp health. Not only that, this miracle worker smells lush too!


Comes in a 125ml recyclable aluminium bottle



Poor a small amount of oil into hands & comb through with fingers for best coverage focusing on the ends of your hair.


Thin or Grease Prone Hair: Use as an overnight mask

Normal Hair: Use on wet hair after showering. Dry and style as normal.

Dry Hair: Use on dry hair. Simple.


Hair Repair Oil