This beautiful illuminator is just enough to add a subtle and youthful glow and bring your face to life.


It can be applied to cheekbones and eye brow bone, or inside of eye lids to open up the eyes, Why not add a sprinkle to your foundation to create a dewy finish to your skin.


It is one of the best sellers as it is a great way to finish off your naturally radiant look.


Each 100% biodegradable paperboard tube contains 4g of mineral illuminator powder, for you to decant into a makeup pot and apply with a makeup brush. Wash out and reuse an existing pot. Don’t have a pot? You can buy one to reuse again and again.



Mica – which helps reduce fine lines and open pores to create an impeccable look. Our products work with your skin to enhance its quality, so we leave out the nasty stuff* which causes skin irritation or promotes premature ageing, like Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc’s and Cornstarch, Parabens, Toxic preservatives, Mineral oils, Silicone or Lanolin.

Iron Oxides 77891 – These are natural inorganic pigments that colour our mineral cosmetics beautifully.

Mineral Illuminator