We can do better

Each year billions of plastics are thrown away, most of which are used for a short amount of time.

Only a tiny amount of plastics are ever recycled, a whopping 97% isn't, going instead to landfill, or into our oceans, and eventually eaten by our animals, poisoning them and the ecosystem.

A shocking thought: plastics take hundreds of years to biodegrade, all the plastic ever made still exists today.

Being based in Cornwall, in the UK, we see first hand how this has a devastating effect on our oceans and wildlife.

For the most intelligent lifeforms on this planet we can be pretty stupid. But don't despair, more and more people are joining the plastic free revolution and the world is opening its eyes. Thanks to the likes of David Attenborough the fight against plastic has now been made it as a global issue.

We dream big here at Plastics Free HQ and we've made it our mission to save the world from disposable plastics. We aim to make converting to a plastic free life as easy as possible, gathering everything you'll need all in one ethical and sustainable shop. 

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