Our simple plan is to make your journey to zero waste easy and enjoyable, by doing all the hard work and research to find plastic free and zero waste alternatives for you.
Here is some of the good stuff you can expect from us...

More than just zero waste

We do all the hard work finding zero waste products that are also ethical, sustainable and genuinely better for the environment, no #greenwash here. We consider sustainability, carbon footprint, recyclability, biodegradability and ethicalness.

We only pick the best stuff

No one wants to waste their money (or produce more waste) by buying products that don’t work. We only pick products that genuinely work for real people. Products that work the same, if not better, than their plastic counterparts.

 plastic free


Your order will arrive in plastic free, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. No giant box, no plastic 'pillows'. Just good old fashioned shredded paper in a box that fits and sealed with paper tape. What’s more standard delivery is free for orders over £25.

Zero waste is at the heart of everything we do

We practise what we preach. We run the business with a circular economy ethos. We reuse packaging and boxes from suppliers. We shred all the paper waste from the business to use as packaging. We work with local businesses to reuse their waste too.

Free shipping for orders over £28