Give gifts without all the plastic. Specially curated for you.


A not-so-surprisingly 40% of you told us buying Christmas presents is one big plastic nightmare. From the plastic the presents are made of, to the copious and usually unnecessary amount they come packed in, never mind the plastic they are usually shipped in if you buy online!​
  • Give memories rather than a physical gift, such as a fancy meal out, gig tickets or a spa day.
  • Buy gifts that are both sustainable and ethical. We've put together a list of our favourites. What's more we always ship plastic free
  • Go second hand. Our consumer lifestyle fuels our plastic habit. Save money and plastic and give to a good cause by going hitting the charity shops.
  • Eco friendly kits and gift sets are a great present for friends and family who need help starting their plastic free journey. 

Plastic Free Wrapping

Singing along to Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, sipping hot chocolate and wrapping gifts is a favourite holiday pastime for many of us but traditional wrapping can be incredibly wasteful.


Most of today’s Christmas wrapping paper can’t actually be recycled. Shiny, metallic and glittery wrapping paper may look great, but will end up in landfill, or worse in the recycling, where it will contaminate whole lots of recycling which will then have to go to landfill.


There are so many ways to beautifully, easily and cheaply wrap presents using recyclable and compostable materials, why not give it a go?


Here are our top tips for a plastic free wrapping that Santa would approve of.

  • Swap wrapping paper for brown paper, newspaper or scrap fabric

  • Make your presents look amazing using twine, a sprig off your Christmas tree, holly and other festive plants

  • Ditch plastic cellotape in favour of recyclable brown paper tape, or simply tie your parcel using twine.

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