About Us

We’re committed to making healthier, more sustainable choices easy and accessible to all.

We are always going to buy stuff for our homes

The world is sadly, all too aware of the devastating problems caused by the production and disposal of plastic and yet, in the last decade, plastics production has increased by 36%**.

Plastics Free was founded on one simple aim: to try and reduce this trend and to protect the world from disposable plastics, one product at a time. We aim to make converting to a plastic free lifestyle as easy as possible, gathering everything you need, in one ethical place, to deliver a sustainable and satisfying shopping experience.

Established in 2019 in Newquay, Cornwall, we have since spread our coastal roots and planet saving products further afield, however our ethos has and always will remain the same;

  • We're plastic free: We research our products tirelessly and make effort to ensure they're plastic free. In 99.9% of instances, we're pleased to say that's the case. The other 0.1% of the time, we stock a limited number of products that contain an element of plastic, where a suitable non-plastic (or lower carbon) alternative simply does not exist (yet). In these cases we make sure that any plastic used has been sourced from a zero plastic supply chain and is completely plastic neutral (we'll also make it clear on the product pages). Our packaging is entirely plastic free, from label to tape, delivering you a sustainable shop from start to finish.

  • We only pick the best stuff: All of our products are tried, tested and deliver not only a greener alternative but one that is in our opinion, equal to or better than its plastic equivalent.

  • We try and deliver as sustainable a shopping experience as possible: We are obsessive about delivering a green journey from start to finish. From funding plastics collection with every order to carbon neutral shipping, we're unrelenting in our efforts to ensure your whole shop and, our impact as a business, is as green as possible.

Click below to learn more about how we make your shop sustainable, including how you can make a difference, each time you shop with us.