We can do better

At Plastics Free, we don't just supply the best plastic free alternatives.

We aim to make your shopping experience and our own operations as environmentally sustainable as possible.

The world is in a fragile and critical state. We can all do better.

Read on to find out how we try and make a difference today, for tomorrow.

Everything, Plastics Free

Plastics Free has and always will be...Plastics Free. Everything we stock is free from plastic or plastic neutral (from a zero plastic supply chain).

It really is that simple. Shop safe in the knowledge that your goods are kind to the planet and lead your best zero waste life.

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Green Suppliers

Plastics Free are conscious over who we work with. We aim to partner only with ethical suppliers and brands who share our values in supporting a greener planet.

Many of our suppliers offer their own impact initiatives, including tree planting and carbon offsetting - look out for information on our product pages to see where extra impact is being created.

Eliminate plastic with every order

Plastics Free are proud to partner with CleanHub. For every order placed, we'll fund the collection of 1 lb of non-recyclable plastic destined for the ocean.

More than 90% of the 11m tons of plastic that ends up in oceans each year is never recovered. CleanHub is a plastic impact platform, working in coastal communities to try and reverse that trend, collecting non-recyclable plastic before its too late and is lost to the sea forever.

CleanHub specifically target non-recyclable plastics, which would be otherwise left in landfill, dumped in our seas or, burnt. Instead they are redirected to industrial plants that responsibly convert them into energy, reducing the carbon footprint of their industrial processes by up to 25%! The entire process is tracked through CleanHub’s own Track & Trace technology, ensuring certified impact.

Clean Hub

Planet Friendly Shipping

We package orders plastic free, in biodegradable boxes made from recycled materials, keeping your items safe in transit. No giant box, no plastic 'pillows'. Just good old fashioned pre-used shredded paper in a box that fits, sealed with paper tape. Even our shipping labels are entirely plastic free, made with FSC-certified paper and finished with non-toxic adhesive, making them 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

To minimise the carbon impact of shipping our orders, we partner with Shopify Planet to offer free carbon neutral shipping on all orders. We do this by automatically calculating the carbon impact of your order being shipped and offset this by funding the equivalent amount in global earth-friendly projects.

We're a Climate Positive Team!

While the Plastics Free Team try our best to make an impact in our daily lives, we've also partnered with Earthly to offset our carbon impact through the funding of international carbon protection projects.

We're currently supporting peatland protection in Rimba Raya, Borneo, one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Developed by InfiniteEARTH in 2009, the Rimba Raya project protects over 640 square kilometers of tropical peat forest storing 35m tonnes of carbon, whilst also having wider biodiversity and social benefits. You can read more about the project and see Plastics Free's impact following the link below.


Ethical Rewards

Shop with even greater impact. Join our loyalty programme, Plastics Free Rewards, and earn points each time you shop.

Treat yourself and the planet, with the option to spend your rewards on vital reforestation projects, like the groundbreaking REDD+ Mai Ndombe project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has so far reduced over 35 tonnes of carbon emmisions and provided over 6,500 people with improved access to healthcare.

To learn more about our rewards programme, click below.

Rewards with Impact