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These work

I love this range of deodorant - they really do work - even when I’m exercising. They last and I love the fact that there is no plastic waste.

Smells divine

This night cream smells divine and feels nourishing on the face. I have dry skin and find this cream soothing even in winter. Putting it on before bed helps me relax into a good night’s sleep. Would recommend!

Amazing washing up brush

These are the best washing up brushes I have ever used. They last for ages. Get things clean and gentle on my pans

This is my absolute favourite product

It is amazing at getting out stains and is gentle on the clothes. My number one product on my cupboard

I wasn’t so sure this would do much!! But was I surprised by how easy and fast it scraps away dried on food, especially dried on cat/dog food 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Having two dogs I always need 💩 bags. These bags have been fantastic and the bags are compostable free from plastic 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

I’ve been using Ku.tis deodorant for years, I love this scent it’s fresh but floral. Anything with a rose scent can sometimes not be very nice to smell but the rose oils that Ku.tis use are Amazing. I have been getting my friends and so far everyone is Loving them.

I have been using Ku.tis deodorants for a few years now, I haven’t had a scent I don’t like. This one is really fresh
I’ve been getting my friends to try them out and so far everyone is loving them

I have been using Ku.tis deodorants for a few years now and I haven’t had a scent I didn’t like. They last for so long. I have been getting my friends to try them out 👌🏼

I Love these deodorants, they last for ages and ages. I have been using Ku.tis deodorants for a few years now and have been getting my friends on to them as well.

Hard working product!

I absolutely love these stain remover sticks - they don’t have a strong chemical scent, they don’t irritate the skin, and of course minimal and plastic-free packaging. The most important thing though is that they really do the job working on tough stains (fruit juice, tomato sauce, blood). I’d never go back to Vanish having used these!

Natural Bleach
Natural Bleach

Natural Bleach is a great product. It works as well as chlorine bleach - albeit with a little less convenience as you have to dissolve the powder - and it doesn't make your house smell like a swimming pool. I appreciate that it breaks down into something less toxic.

Ocean Saver Glass Cleaner EcoDrop
Ocean Saver Eco Drops Glass cleaner

Ocean Saver concentrated products are great. They dissolve well, and I love that I am not wasting another plastic bottle. They're easy to store and the cleaner does a great job of cleaning glass, even against the combined messy powers of two sticky small children.

Pretty paper, not too ‘loud’

Bought for my sister in law’s gifts this year. I like the simple motif. The gifts will look lovely with the merry and bright gift card

Paper Tape
Jenni l.
An eco alternative to plastics tape

Really pleased with this simple tape. Want to reduce impact on the planet.

For me, green and white is classic for Christmas

Love the idea of gifts wrapped with this and simple string, perhaps a sprig of holly

What a fun Christmas paper!

My brother in law loves the colour orange, all his gifts will be wrapped in this for Christmas 2023.

Really happy with them

I switched from liquid detergent to these sheets and am very happy about the result! These sheets clean my clothes well, are super easy to use (over pouring detergent was an issue in my household), and do not leave an artificial scent like some detergents do. What a great product, I wish I knew about it much earlier!

Good grip and foam well!

I have been using these for about a month now and don't think I can go back to using other sponges. These biodegradable sponges give you a good grip and foam up really well for washing dishes. Of course, they are also much better for our planet. I cannot recommend them enough!

Bio Laundry Sheets
Lorraine M.
Bio laundry sheets

I purchased the laundry sheets I will admit I was slightly worried at first just because I was trying something new. I have used the laundry sheets a few times now and I am please to say I am happy with the wash. I will use them again. The downside is the price they are slightly pricey.


highly recommend this company, great plastic-free product & packaging

Great bamboo floss

I initially bought these as i think they may be kinder to the environment.
Very sturdy bamboo floss. Cleans better than my plastic ones. Since buying these, I just can’t return to plastic.
Many thanks.

Handmade Soap - Seychelles Scrub
K B.
Perfect for types of travel. Lasts for agessssss

I Love the scents especially anything Rose 🌹😍 My under arms feel so soft and when I get hot & sweaty it keep me dry and smelling great
They are perfectly sized, DONT be fooled by there small size!! Because you will be using the same cardboard bottle for months and months 👌🏼👌🏼 I am happy it’s made of cardboard and not metal/plastic bottles that can’t be recycled. I feel like am helping are Beautiful blue Planet 🌏
Perfect for all kinds of traveling, Like you can have it in your flight bag, go on a hiking trip, going the gym. They are small and compact but don’t let that fool you!! They last for agessssss 👌🏼 and your skin feels so soft
I have saved money by just changing to plastic free, so that’s an added bonus 💷👌🏼🌏
If I need anything plastic free I ALWAYS come here first ♻️ 🌏 ♻️

Last forever

Not only are these plastic free 👌🏼 but the scents are amazing, my skin is so soft. The best thing I did was swap to these plastic free deodorant sticks. You can take them anywhere they are light weight, can go in your hand luggage on the plane, camping, hikes, traveling the list goes on. They may look small but they last sooooooooo long, to the point I get half way down the stick and I end up starting another stick, til I get half way down that one, Then I will start the last stick til I get half way down and then I start using the last half of the other two sticks and work my way to the last half a stick. I then Order 3 more and do the same 👌🏼 I get 3 at a time so I can change the scents

Calendula Nappy Balm
Christina S.
Great on my son's skin

I bought this balm after reading the reviews online and it has exceeded my expectations. We haven't had to use anything else but this works on our son's skin so well and we haven't had any nappy rash. Overall, very happy with this and would highly recommend using!