12 Eco-Friendly Habits to start in 2023

12 Eco-Friendly Habits to start in 2023

12 Eco-Friendly Habits to start in 2023

If you are thinking about trying to be more Eco-Friendly in 2023 - READ THIS FIRST!

Here at Plastics Free, we've decided to ditch New Years Resolutions....

Every year we set resolutions for the year, but always end up giving up after a few weeks.

Setting lofty resolutions are too vague and hard to reach, so we have decided to create HABITS instead in 2023. This is a more fruitful way to work towards your eco goals.

We have made a list of 12 Habits you can work on this year (one for each month) and each has a system in place so you can make your goals a HABIT.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, basically a month - perfect right!

Switch to an Eco-Friendly Dental Routine

This is a super fun swap which doesn't take much time to do.

Switch out your plastic toothbrush for a planet friendly bamboo toothbrush

Swap your regular toothpaste tubes for recyclable glass jarred toothpaste or toothpaste tablets (make sure to use up what you already had first!)

If you are going travelling, you could also get a toothbrush travel case or wrap your toothbrush in a flannel.

Swap plastic when cleaning your home

You can be kinder to the planet when you do your spring clean this year.

Stop buying cleaning products in plastic bottles and use dissolvable cleaning sachet instead

Make your own window cleaner using white vinegar

Swap washing up liquid in plastic bottle for a dish soap bar

Pack your reusables in your bag every day

Say no to single use plastic while out and about by taking our own reusables

2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in the UK! If you have a coffee every day on your way to work, that's 260 coffee cups a year just for one person - not including mid-day caffeine fixes! Get a reusable coffee cup like this one and pack it in your bag so you have it when you need it!

Remember to take your reusable bag with you by pre-packing in in useful places, such as your car, your handbag, your favourite coat pocket.

Make it easier to buy loose fruits and veggies by using a cotton produce bag.

Clean your dishes the plastic free way

Not only will you love all these plastic free kitchen swaps as they do a better job, but they will look lovely in your kitchen too

Choose compostable sponge cleaning cloths over plastic sponges

For tough dirt on pots and pans use steel scourers

Buy coconut scrubbing brushes over plastic brushes

Make your take out more eco friendly

Going plastic free doesn't mean you have to avoid your favourite lunch takeout, simply ditch the single use plastic by providing your own containers.

Create or buy an ‘on-the-go’ zero waste kit and take it with you

Say no to plastic straws, cutlery and cups

Replace broken plastic lunch boxes with durable metal tins

Switch to eco friendly body care

Look after your body and the planet at the same time with these swaps.

Switch to deodorant in a cardboard tube

Buy coral safe suncream in a tin

Have a zero waste period with a mentral cup, reusable cloth pads or period pants

Swap plastic bottles for bars in your shower

Use up what you have, and make swaps that work for you. P.s the safety razor isn't as scary as it sounds!

Replace bottled shampoo with shampoo bars or cubes

Switch to a metal safety razor

Use conditioner in a glass jar

Reduce your Food Waste

It's all too easy to end up wasting food that has gone bad or out of date, these simple changes will help you reduce your food waste.

Grow your own herbs in your garden, patio or window sill

Meal plan to use leftovers and reduce food waste

Setup a compost for food scraps such as veggie peelings and used (compostable) tea bags

Swap your make up for plastic free, vegan and cruelty free

It is no secret that make up is unfortunately cased in lots of plastic and usually is not recyclable, so making the swap to sustainable make up is a great way to help the planet!

Firstly, make sure to use up what you already have!

We offer a range of plastic free make up, from Blushers to Highlighters and Foundations!

For makeup refills get a reusable make up pot. The pot is made from sustainable UK beech wood and the plastic liner is made from recycled fishing nets salvaged from the sea!

Switch to an eco friendly laundry

Try these easy swaps that will leave your laundry clean, and the planet clean too!

Swap detergent for soapnuts

Hang your laundry to air dry over using a tumble dryer

Use a zero waste stain remover bar

Slow Fashion

Say no to fast fashion and refocus your energy towards shopping more consciously. In the words of the late, great Vivienne Westwood - ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.’

Learn how to sew and fix your clothes

Shop second hand in charity shops and online market places

If you can't find it second hand buy high quality clothes that will last

Eco Friendly Giving

Christmas doesn't have to cost the earth, make more mindful choices for Christmas 2023.

Give experiences, second hand or homemade gifts

Re-purpose newspaper, magazines or fabric as wrapping paper

Swap plastic tape for recyclable paper tape

Whilst you don’t need a new year to make positive life changes, the start of a new year somehow makes it easier to let go of the past, let go to what has been and to look to the future with refreshed hope and enthusiasm.

Whatever you do, please remember it’s not about being perfect, not every one of these will work for everyone. Do what you can and make the list your own so that is suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

Lots of love and Happy New Year

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