Dish Washing - The Sustainable Way

Dish Washing - The Sustainable Way

Dish Washing - The Sustainable Way

Did you know that every time you wash up with a plastic sponge, microplastics break off and go straight down the drain into the ocean?! 🤯

Did you know that a lot of washing up liquids contain chemicals which can have long standing effects on the environment?! 🤯🤯

Would you love to find sustainable and affordable alternatives which are BETTER than the plastic version? 🥰

Here is our hand picked dish washing favourites that we know you will love! 👇👇👇

Dish Sponges & Brushes

All natural fibres, and they look great too!

Reusable Sponge £4.65

Dish Brush £5

Coconut Bottle Brush £5

Compostable Cleaning Cloth £5.50

Hand Knitted Kitchen Scrubbers £10.50

Compostable Sponge £2.20

Washing Up Soap

No micro-plastic in sight, and all recyclable packaging!

All Purpose Cleaning Soap £4.75

Washing Up Soap Bar £7.50

Extra Scrubbing Power

Stubborn food on pans? We have got you covered!

Bamboo Pot Scraper £2.75

Scrubbing Brush £6

Wooden Pot Brush £4

Coconut Husk Kitchen Scrub Pad £2.80

Steel Scourers £3

Inspired for more eco swaps in your kitchen? 🙌🙌

Check out our website for more! 👇

Plastic Free Kitchen (

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