Eco Back To School Essentials

Eco Back To School Essentials

Eco Back To School Essentials

Back to School... a rush of school uniforms, P.E. kits and new shoes. 🎒🧦👟

But what about if it didn't have to be as stressful as last year?🧐

We have put together our top 5 things to consider for back to school, whilst also being sustainable and saving money! 🙌

1. Stationary Supplies

When going back to school, there are so many things which are needed to fill a pencil case - pens, highlighters, rulers. And unfortunately there aren't many sustainable alternatives. Here are a couple of our favourites.

Animal Pencils:


Wooden Stapler:


2. Packed Lunches

Packing your Childs lunches can be a great way to make sure they are getting all the nutrition they need - and it can be so much cheaper! By opting for more whole foods and less processed, you reduce your plastic waste as well. Here are a few our our fav packed lunch essentials.

Bamboo Cutlery:


Leak Resistant Lunchbox


3. Staying Hydrated

One of the most important things for your little ones to take to school is water. Making sure they stay hydrated through the school day is so important. Ditch the plastic water bottles and juice boxes for reusable stainless steel!

Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle:


...and for you in the school rush traffic, a reusable coffee cup!

Coffee Cup:


4. Cuts and Bruises

Cuts, scrapes and bruises happen at school and on the playground. These sustainable bamboo plasters are the perfect natural approach to taking care of your little ones injuries - and as a bonus they are covered in cute Pandas!

Bamboo Plasters for Kids:


5. Home Time Fun

Nothing makes back to school easier for the kids then having some fun toys to play with at home time!

Here are a few of our sustainable toys which we are sure your kids will love!

Wooden Animal Balance Game:


Animal Friends Memory Game


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