5 Ways YOU Can Help Protect Our Ocean

5 Ways YOU Can Help Protect Our Ocean

5 Ways YOU Can Help Protect Our Ocean

Want to help protect our Ocean but have no ideas where to start? 🌊

We have you covered! 🙌

Here are our top 5 ways which you can help protect our Oceans - TODAY! 💙

1. Switch your regular Sunscreen for Reef-Friendly Sunscreen!

Did you know that your sunscreen could be harming marine life?!

There are chemicals present in products such as Sunscreen who's job is to protect humans skin from Ultra-Violet light (YAY!) However, these chemicals can be detrimental to the health of corals and other marine life (NO!)

Switching to a Reef-Friendly Sunscreen which is made with natural ingredients, is a great way to help protect the Ocean - and you can do it today!

2. Beach Cleans!

Beach Cleans are such a simple, yet effective way to make a difference in your local area!

Did you know that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic pollution in the Ocean?

By taking part in Beach Cleans in your local area, you are helping to reduce that number - protecting marine life, and preserving the beaches natural beauty.

3. Reduce your plastic use!

In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year.

Of that amount, it is estimated that 44.7% is recycled in England.

Reducing the amount of plastic that you are consuming in the first place, is one of the best ways you can help the Ocean and the planet! By reducing your consumption, less plastic will end up in the Ocean or landfill as a result.

If you need to use plastic for certain items or tasks, try and find secondary uses for them. For example, instead of using a milk bottle and putting it in the recycling when it is finished, could you use it to water your plants instead? Extending the life of items and finding other uses for them around your home is a great way to help the Environment!

4. Vote with your wallet!

As an individual, it can be hard to see whether we have an impact or not, but small acts performed by many people are harder to ignore!

Try, where you can, to support companies which are doing their bit to help preserve the Ocean and the Environment. This maybe your favourite local refill store, or a conservation charity - by helping to support these organisations, you are helping them, help the planet.

5. Eat Fish Responsibly!

Did you know that currently the world catches more than 155 million tonnes of Seafood each year?

However, only around 79% of fisheries are catching their produce sustainably.

If you eat fish, check it is sustainably caught. Top 3 fish to avoid are UK Cod, Wild Atlantic Salmon and Swardfish.

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