Are you too scared to use your safety razor?

Are you too scared to use your safety razor?

Are you too scared to use your safety razor?

If you’ve not used your new safety razor yet, you’re not alone. It’s super common to buy a safety razor and not use it for a few months.

Whether you’re a bit afraid to try it, or you’re still using up your disposable razor, here are some tips to get your started.

#1 Getting Set Up

You may not realise it, but your razor is completely harmless, AKA bladeless, when you first receive it. For your first shave you’re going to have to inset a razor blade. Unscrew the bottom of the razor handle, which will open the razor. Carefully unwrap a blade from the paper packaging and it into the head of the razor. Finally screw back into place. Your razor is now ready to go!

#2 Lather

A nice soapy lather is your best friend when it comes to safety razor shaving. You can use normal soap but it’s much better to use a shaving soap, as they are super lathery! You can get one here for as little as £3.00. Rub the soap in your hand until the suds start to appear and then apply to your chosen area. If you want to treat yourself you could go for a posh shaving brush and shaving soap tin, using the shaving brush to create even more bubbles!

#3 Pressure

The most common reason people cut themselves shaving is down to pressure. You don’t need to apply ANY pressure when saving with a safety razor. You may be so use to pushing down with your plastic razor in order to get a good shaving that you probably don’t even blade should glide across your skin, holding skin taut will help with this.

#4 Angles

Safety razor shaving is all about the angles and the magic number is 30. Hold the blade at a 30 degree angle, and use short strokes over long ones.

#5 Recycling

As the blades are made of metal they can easily be recycled, but don’t throw them in with your normal recycling. Check with your local recycling centre, but generally you collect up a stash using a metal blade bank and recycle the whole thing once it’s full. You can make your own out of a tin of soup, just google DIY blade bank.

Shaving Supplies

Shaving Soap Bar £3.00

Razor Blades - Pack of 5 for £2.00

Shaving Brush £15.00

Luxury Shaving Soap £12.00

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