How We Made Online Deliveries Eco-Friendly

How We Made Online Deliveries Eco-Friendly

How We Made Online Deliveries Eco-Friendly

Don’t you hate it when you order something online and it comes in a massive box, filled with copious amounts of plastic packaging, and all you ordered was something tiny?

There must be a more sustainable, earth friendly way to ship items, which doesn’t have such a huge impact on the environment?

This is one of the issues we wanted to address when we started Plastics Free, and here’s how we fixed it…

Newspaper as packaging?

Don’t you hate plastic packaging? Getting parcels filled with plastic that can’t be recycled or reutilised sucks.

Here at Plastics Free, we use old newspapers or brown paper as padding for our parcels! Whats more, we go one step further and shred all our business paper waste to use as packaging in our smaller parcels.

This means you can recycle each part of your parcel packaging, or reuse it for sending your own parcels or presents to friends and family.

Paper tape instead of plastic

This was such a simple swap, which we began right at the start of Plastics Free, and makes all the difference! 

Why use plastic tape, when paper tape makes it so much easier to recycle your parcel! Long gone are the days of painstakingly removing plastic tape from the box your order came in, just pop your box with the paper tape attached in the recycling (make sure with your local recycling centre first, some centres do things differently).

You can get your hands on the very paper tape we use for our parcels >here<

The right size box for the job

We've all ordered something small, only for it to come in a huge box with lots of packaging, right?

Not here! To save resources we use the smallest box possible. You will find us fitting so much into our tiny boxes, we wish more businesses would follow suit with this too!

Carbon Offsetting - What is it and how is it sustainable?

Did you know that as humans we produce upwards of 25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year?

Most of it sits in the atmosphere, and causes irreversible damage to our environment.

Unless you live off the grid, then during your life you will accumulate a carbon footprint every day. From public transport, cars, flights, electricity, to the clothes you buy and the food you eat.

When ordering with us, you can choose to offset the carbon footprint of your delivery, reducing your own impact on the planet!

Comment below how you could make your own shopping habits more sustainable

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