How To Go Plastic Free AND Save Money!

How To Go Plastic Free AND Save Money!

How To Go Plastic Free AND Save Money!

Going Plastic Free doesn't have to cost you extra?!

These 10 tips are for all of you who want to go plastic free, and save some money whilst doing it!🌏

#1 Switch From Single Use To Reusable

Stop buying items which are single use will save you money! Buy a reusable water bottle, and you will never need to buy water when you are out again. Switch your cling film wrap for sustainable Bees Wax Wraps, and never buy plastic wrap again. Ditch single use, plastic razors and get a Safety Razor which lasts for years! By choosing reusable over single use, you can save your pennies and the planet simultaneously!

#2 Shop Around for Packaging Free Fruit and Veggies

Do you find that veggies always come wrapped in plastic, and they end up not lasting very long? You can save so much money by going to farmers markets rather then supermarkets and buying your fruit and veggies loose! By buying loose, you can make sure you only buy what you need and you wont waste as much! You are also supporting local businesses and farmers! You can use Reusable Produce Bags to pop your lose veggies into.

#3 Switch from Bottles to Bars

Did you know the average family in the UK uses 216 bottles of hair products a year?! On top of that, they use 24 bottles of body wash and 24 tubes of toothpaste!

Did you know on average, a bar of shampoo lasts 2 to 3 times longer that a bottle! This makes bars a brilliant swap to reduce your plastic and to save money and trips to the shop. This could be Soap or Shampoo and Conditioner - they all last longer and the packaging is completely biodegradable and recyclable!

#4 Use What You Already Have

Don't rush to buy matching mason jars, use what you already have! Tupperware tubs, marmalade jars and old pasta pots make perfect refillable jars!

You don't need to buy a reusable coffee cup either. Why not just use a mug from home instead? Being inventive with the items which you already have around your house instead of buying new things, will help you save money - and help the planet as less will end up in landfill!

#5 Bring Your Own Coffee Cup

Did you know that many cafes offer a discount if you bring in your own coffee cup? Save the planet, and a few pennies, each time you get your early morning coffee fix! Every year, the UK alone uses 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups which is around 7 million a day - don't make your morning coffee one of them and bring your own Coffee Cup!

#6 Eat Fresh

Ever noticed how much plastic and packaging are on ready meals and take away? Reduce your plastic use, and look after your body and bank balance by reducing the amount of convenience food you have! The average person in the UK spends £451 on take away a year, a great way to save money and save the planet is to reduce the amount of take away you have!

#7 Buy in Bulk

Do you have a refill store near you? If you do, this is a great way you can save money! Bring your jars with you, and buy in bulk. This has many advantages: the price drops when buying larger quantities; no wasted packaging, and you don't need to go to the shops as often!

#8 Bring Your Own Bags

A simple swap but sometimes the hardest to remember. Bring your own shopping bags with you where ever you go, you never know when you will buy something! Put them in your car, hand bag, by the front door - where ever you will remember them! Saves money each time you shop, and no more bags in landfill.

#9 Make Your Own

Where you can't find a plastic free or cheap alternative, why not try making your own? Baking your own bread for example is cheaper, and the ingredients come in widely recyclable materials! You can even make your own cleaning products! Check out our blog post to find out more: Top 5 Zero Waste Cleaning Recipes For Your Entire Home (

#10 Recycle More

Think about it. The more you recycle, the less ends up in your waste bin - the less bin bags you need to buy. If you can, check the packaging of items when you are next in the shops and check if it is recyclable or if you can reuse it in your daily life!

Inspired to start being more sustainable? Check out our website for more everyday swaps!

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