How To Organize Your Fridge The Sustainable Way

How To Organize Your Fridge The Sustainable Way

How To Organize Your Fridge The Sustainable Way

Ever look in your fridge and struggle to see what is in there because it is so unorganized?πŸ€”

Do you end up wasting food? πŸ₯•πŸ…πŸ₯’

Follow these easy tips to organize your fridge - the sustainable way! πŸ™Œ

1. Give your fridge a sort out before going shopping

Before going shopping (or planning your online shop for the week) check to see what ingredients you have left over from last week. It can be so easy to forget what we already have, and it is a great time to be creative and plan recipes surrounding the ingredients that are running out of date! UK households collectively throw away 6.6 million tones of food waste per year - using up as much food as possible is a great way to combat this!

2. Only buy what you need

It seems super obvious, but writing a meal plan and a shopping list before buying groceries really does reduce food waste - and it saves you money! Try to keep to your list and not get tempted by the special offers, a great tip to keep in mind - if you wouldn't buy it at full price, don't buy it on offer! Chances are you don't need it, and won't use it!

3. Buy your fresh food without plastic packaging

One way to reduce your plastic waste, and to make your fridge look more organized, is to buy your fresh fruit and veg without plastic packaging. It not only is bad for the environment, but it makes your fridge cluttered! Try and buy locally from a farmers market, or loose at your local supermarket! When you get home, you can organize your fresh food in your veg drawers of your fridge, and it is much easier to see what you have.

4. Wash your fruit and veggies before you put them away

This tip is a game changer! Do you find that you buy fruits and veggies for snacks (like berries and carrots for dipping with hummus) and never end up eating them? To make sure that you eat your healthy snacks, and to reduce your food waste, wash and prep your fruit and veggies as soon as you get home from the shops! You will be more likely to open the fridge for a snack and eat berries or fruit if they are already washed and prepared for you! You can store your prepped veggies and fruit in tubberware or repurposed jars, which will make your fridge look organized and colorful!

5. Rotate your food!

If you go for a midweek food shop, make sure to rotate the food you have in your fridge by the use by dates! This will make sure that you use the items which are going to run out first, and use the longer shelf life produce later in the week!

6. Take everything out of your fridge at least once a week

Taking everything out of the fridge at least once a week, cleaning the shelves, and placing it all back is the best way to keep your fridge organized and mess free! By reducing the amount of plastic packaged veggies and fruit, you will have more fall out from your produce (an escaped grape or salad leaves) so it is super important to clean out your fridge to make sure it stays fresh!

7. Use what you already have

Don't rush to the shops to buy mason jars or fridge dividers, use what you already have in your home! Jam or pasta sauce jars are great for storing washed and dried fruits and veggies, bowls covered with bees wax wraps are great for saving left overs - use what you already own and be creative!

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