How You Can Ditch Plastic In Your Kitchen

How You Can Ditch Plastic In Your Kitchen

How You Can Ditch Plastic In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hardest places to reduce plastic in....

But luckily, there are so many sustainable alternatives! 🙌

Did you know that every time you wash up with a plastic sponge, microplastics break off and go straight down the drain into the ocean?! 🤯

What's more, some washing up liquids contain chemicals which can have long standing effects on the environment?! 🤯🤯

Would you love to find sustainable and affordable alternatives which are BETTER than the plastic version? 🥰

Here is our hand picked kitchen favourites that we know you will love! 👇👇👇

Dish Sponges & Brushes

All natural fibres, and they look great too!

Dish Brush £5

Coconut Bottle Brush £5

Compostable Cleaning Cloth £5.50

Hand Knitted Kitchen Scrubbers £10.50

Washing Up Soap

No micro-plastic in sight, and all recyclable packaging!

All Purpose Cleaning Soap £4.75

Washing Up Soap Bar £7.50

Extra Scrubbing Power

Stubborn food on pans? We have got you covered!

Scrubbing Brush £6

Wooden Pot Brush £4

Steel Scourers £3

Coconut Husk Kitchen Scrub Pad £2.80

Fruit and Veggie Bags

No more plastic wrapped fresh produce!

Cotton Produce Bag - Variety Pack of 3

Cotton Produce Bag - Large

Mesh Produce Bag - Medium

Want more?

Take a look at our 31 Plastic Free Swaps to try in Plastic Free July Blog Post!

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