Ultimate Plastic Free Christmas Gift Wrap Guide

Ultimate Plastic Free Christmas Gift Wrap Guide

Ultimate Plastic Free Christmas Gift Wrap Guide

Most of today’s Christmas wrapping paper can’t actually be recycled. Shiny, metallic and glittery wrapping paper may look great, but will end up in landfill, or worse contaminating the recycling.

We don’t sell plastic free Christmas paper, for the simple reason we don’t think you need to buy any! Make gorgeous looking presents with stuff you already have around your home or local area. Add a few extra bits to make them look sophisticated and festive.

Here are our top tips for plastic free wrapping that Santa would approve of.

Plastic Free Wrapping


Broadsheets work best for bigger presents, but you can always tape sheets together if needed. Magazines are colourful and great for smaller presents. If you don't have any newspaper, ask friends, family or neighbours and I'm sure someone will be happy to save you some of theirs.

Brown paper

You may have this laying around the house already. Sold rolls in most post offices and stationers, try to look out for a roll not wrapped in plastic.

Reused Wrapping Paper

If you open presents carefully you can use wrapping paper again and again. This is something my parents always did when we were little.

Scrap fabric

Fabric can be tied around a present

Paper Tape

Swap your plastic tape for recyclable and biodegrade paper tape


If you don't have any scissors or need to replace a broken pair go for scissors with either recycled brass or wooden handles.

Plastic Free Present Decoration


Christmas twine in red and green is perfect for Christmas crafting, attaching name tags and wrapping Christmas presents. Colours not your thing? You can also get natural twine.

Cinnamon sticks

Nothing smells more festive than the smell of cinnamon sticks, and they look pretty good too.

Dried Orange

You can make your own by leaving orange slices on a rack in the oven for 2-3 hours at approx 120C (250F), turning at least 2 times. We suggest doing this while you cook a slow cook meal to reduce the environmental impact or buy a handy set of 5.


Holly, conifer leaves, ivy and pine cones all make for great green gift decorations and are completely free and biodegradable. Forage in your garden, friends and relatives gardens, public parks, woodlands and hedgerows. Always do your research first to make sure you're foraging both sustainably and legally. Pick only a little from each plant, don't take more than you need and have respect for the area you are foraging in. Never forage on private property without permission.

Put it all together

There are so many ways to beautifully, easily and cheaply wrap presents using recyclable and compostable materials, why not give it a go?

You can have so much fun putting together beautiful wrapping that's completely plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable. When the time is right, make yourself a hot chocolate, stick on Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and get wrapping.

Here are our favourite combinations:

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