Top 10 Eco Gift Sets for Christmas 2019

Top 10 Eco Gift Sets for Christmas 2019

Top 10 Eco Gift Sets for Christmas 2019

Billions of gifts are exchanged across the globe each year, and we hate to think how many of these are discarded and eventually end up in landfill.

Make sure your present doesn’t end up trashing the planet by choosing gifts that are eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable.

We’ve come up with the ultimate eco gift sets for everyone on your Christmas list, and maybe a little something you can ask Santa for yourself. From vegan, to palm oil free, to plastic free, to zero waste, to organic, there’s something here for everyone.

1.   Shaving Gift Set We throw away millions of disposable razors each year in the UK. Eek! Razors are practically impossible to recycle, not to mention the copious amount of plastic they are packaged in. Step back in time for the perfect sustainable alternative for hairy faces, legs, armpit, bikini lines: The Safety Razor!

2.   Pamper Set for Beautiful Skin and Luscious Hair Who doesn’t love the feel of soft healthy hair and skin?!

The perfect pamper collection to treat your loved ones. Ingredients are natural, sustainable, eco-friendly & cruelty free.

3.   Deodorant Gift Set 

Almost everyone uses deodorant so this lovely gift set is a sure fire way to buy something that will definitely get used, and will hopefully convert smelly Sammy to eco-friendly deodorants. Natural ingredients and plastic free.

4.   Eco Kitchen Gift Set Ditch the plastic in the kitchen with this awesome gift set. The kit includes a coconut scrubbing pad, set of 3 bees wax wraps, a mesh food produce bag, a metal storage tin/lunchbox and metal snack pot. They even have a vegan option too!

5.   Beard Gift Set  A quality beard kit for the most adventurous of men. Formulated with only natural ingredients, there are no toxins or harmful chemicals, just 100% natural, healthy hold. Paraben free, palm oil free and preservative free.

6.   Complete Dental Gift Set Keep those pearly whites clean without costing the earth (quite literally). Perfect gift for dads, mums, brothers, sisters, aunties, best friends, basically anyone with teeth! PETA cruelty-free and vegan certified.

7.   Lunch Gift Set for When You Have No Idea The ideal gift if you have no idea what someone likes, as everyone’s got to each lunch right? Perfect for lunch at school, in university, the office or just out and about for a picnic. Stainless steel lunchboxes are tough and durable, and will keep for years and years.

8.   Baby Gift Set We are so in love with this eco baby starter gift set. These make the perfect gifts for eco conscious new mums and dads or existing parents wanting to cut plastic out of their lives.

9.   Teen Skincare Gift Set for Spot Prone Skin Spoil your teen rotten with this beautiful skin care kit, for the ultimate in face pampering. Teaming gorgeous reusable face scrubbies with natural cleansing oil for the perfect combination for spot prone skin, removing grime, dirt and make up.

10.   Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Set With two gorgeous all-natural shampoos and two conditioners in a single recycled and recyclable pack, here’s the perfect gift for consigning bad hair days and plastic bottles to the past.

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