5 Zero Waste Cleaning Recipes For Your Entire Home

5 Zero Waste Cleaning Recipes For Your Entire Home

5 Zero Waste Cleaning Recipes For Your Entire Home

Before I started living more earth consciously the cupboard under my sink had over 25 different cleaning products. I was sure I needed a different product for each area of the house, right?

Not only are all those products not necessary, but they were bad for the environment, bad for my health and bad for my pocket (they are soo expensive).

I slowly used everything up and replaced them with my own homemade solutions. I have so little time for cleaning that I didn't set out to make my own products, but it turns out you can make ALL the Zero Waste cleaning products you need with only 3 things: Baking Soda, White Vinegar and Essential oils (optional).

Safety First

– If you have pets or children check the essential oil you plan on using isn't toxic to them.

– Kept cleaning solutions away from children, pets, your skin and eyes. Do not ingest.


– White Vinegar

– Citrus rinds (lemon, orange etc)

Pour the vinegar into a large bottle or jar and add your citrus rinds. Seal and let sit for at least a week or longer. If you’re short on time use essential oils instead of rind and use immediately.

Poor into your spray bottle as needed, diluting up to 50/50 with water if it’s too potent. When the citrus rinds turn grey drain all the liquid and put the peels into the compost.

Can be used pretty much anywhere, on anything (but avoid wood and porous stone like marble and some granite's). Amazing at leaving stainless steel sparkling and water mark free.


- White Vinegar

- Water

- Essential oil (optional)

50/50 white vinegar and water. Add a few drops of a citrus essential oil if using, such as lemon or orange. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and use newspaper to wipe down the windows and mirrors to keep them lint-free.


- Baking Soda

- Water

Rescue your pots and pans from baked-on food and grease. Add baking soda and a few cups of boiling hot water to the pan and let it soak. Rinse off the baking soda and wash as normal - it’s not going to magically do all the hard work for you but it will make the job a lot easier. The pan rescue is best used while your pan is still warm straight from the oven but will also work on one that’s been left.


- Baking Soda

- White vinegar

- Essential oil (optional)

Pour approximately 30g of baking soda, 120 ml vinegar and a few drops of essential oils down your sink. The mixture should foam a little as it cleans. Give your sink a wipe down and rinse with warm water. Rinse with vinegar if there is any baking soda residue.


- All-purpose cleaner

- Baking Soda

Spray your all-purpose cleaner on the whole toilet and in the bowl above the water line. Leave to sit for a few minutes before cleaning and rinsing off. I use fizzy Lemon Toilet Bombs to clean below the water line but you could also sprinkle some baking soda.

THE SMELL – As it dries the vinegar smell with dissipate and you’ll begin to smell the essential oil instead. If the smell is too much for you try diluting your mixture with water.

SPRAY BOTTLES – Reusing a spray bottle you already own is the most environmentally friendly way to go. However I didn’t want to reuse any of the ones I had from the toxic chemical cleaners I had been using so I invested in a set of glass spray bottles which I hope to keep for a long time. To help make them last flush out the nozzle of your spray with water after each use so that the vinegar doesn’t eat away at the plastic seal.


Here are our favourite Zero Waste cleaning products:

Antibacterial Cleaning Sachets - Simply pop a sachet into your cleaning bottle, add water, shake, and viola = plastic free cleaning solution.

All Purpose Cleaning Soap – A natural all-purpose cleaning soap bar. You can use it to wash the floor, wash your laundry, wash your dishes, even wash your body if you want to!

Washing Up Soap Bar - organic plant-based bar for washing your dishes.

Lemon Toilet Bombs – For lemony clean toilets and to prevent the build up of limescale.

Natural Stain Remover Bar - Natural stain remover for your laundry. It’s amazing, it works on grass, red wine, ketchup, blood and grease!

Soapnut Laundry Detergent - Soapnut shells are the natural alternative to washing detergent and literally grow on trees!

What are your favourite zero waste cleaning recipes?

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