• Emily

Swap plastic for coconuts TODAY! 🥥

we're nuts for coconuts!

We LOVE coconuts! 🥥💚

Not only does coconut milk make yummy curries and have amazing health benefits, but the coconuts themselves can be made into long lasting eco-friendly items too!

Check out our favourite coconut products below! 👇

Coconuts in your KITCHEN

Coconut Bottle Brush £5

Coconut Kitchen Brush £5

Washing Up Soap Bar £7.5

Coconuts in your SKINCARE

Lime and Coconut Cleansing Water £30

Natural Sunscreen SPF25 £4

Natural Deodorant £7

Coconut Husk Body Scrubbie £2.45

Coconuts in your BATHROOM

Coconut Fibre Soap Rest £2.5

Active Charcoal Toothpaste £7.5

Lip Balm £4.35

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